Tempt your Tastebuds
Noble 600 Menu

House Loaf (V) $13.00 Half / $18.00 Full
Served warm with your choice of garlic butter, cream cheese, pesto or chutney (two choices)

Herb & Garlic Bread (V) $11.00
Toasted French Baguette with garlic butter.
Make it cheesy $14.00

Creamy Mushrooms and Bacon (V) $18.50
Creamy mushrooms and bacon, spinach on a toasted French bread.

Noble Seafood Chowder (AGF) $18.00
House made creamy herb infused NZ seafood with a side of garlic bread.

Southern Fried Chicken $21.00
Pickle brine, southern fried chicken served with sweet chili, aioli and slaw

Jalapeno Croquettes (V) $18.00
Marinated calamari, coated in a mix of flours served with tartare sauce.

Beef & Onion Skewers (AGF) $19.50
Tender marinated beef strips with Thai inspired dipping sauce with salad greens.

Classic Roast $24.50 Small / $28.50 Large
Please ask our staff for the chef’s choice of today.

Catch of the Day $36.00
Please ask our staff for the chef’s choice of today.

Pasta of the Day $29.00
Please ask our staff for the chef’s choice of today.

Beef & Bacon Works Burger $29.00
Homemade Pattie, bacon, lettuce, tomato, tasty cheese, tomato relish, beetroot, caramelised onions, one egg, fries & tomato sauce.

Grilled Chicken Burger $29.00
Southern fried, pickle brine chicken thighs, tomato, lettuce, dill pickle, aioli & fries.

Vegetarian Burger $29.00
Lettuce, tomato, falafel pattie, roasted capsicum, mushroom, tasty cheese, beetroot relish, aioli & fries.

Legendary Porterhouse Steak (AGF) $40.00
250g porterhouse steak cooked to you liking with fries and salad and your choice of gravy, garlic butter, mushroom or peppercorn sauce.

Pork Chop/Chops (GF) $25.00 Small / $31.00 Large
Served with mash, steamed seasonal vegetables, gravy and spiced apple sauce.

Beef Schnitzel $32.50
Coated in bread crumbs & herbs, served with salad and fries or mash and seasonal steamed vegetables, and choice of sauce: mushroom, peppercorn, garlic butter or gravy.

Roast Vege & Feta Salad (V) (AGF) $28.00
Garlic & thyme roast vegetable medley with charred capsicums, baby spinach, feta, quinoa and balsamic vinigarette.

BBQ Ribs $36.50
Cooked low & slow with sticky rib sauce. Served with wedges and house slaw.

Noble fish and Chips (GFA) $24.00 Small / $28.00 Large
Monkfish lightly coated in a house flour mix, served with fries, salad, tartare & tomato sauce.

Butterfly Chicken (AGF) $36.00
Grilled chicken breast topped with basil pesto, streaky bacon, cheese served with salad, fries and a side or peppercorn sauce.

Bangers & Mash $21.00 Small / $26.00 Large
Cumberland pork & herb sausages from our local Netherby butcher, served with creamy mash, peas and topped with onion jam & gravy. Good old English fare!

Classic Shephards Pie (GF) $25.00
Just like mum used to make served with creamy potato mash on top, steamed peas and gravy on the side.

Onion rings $5.00

Wedges $8.50

Mushrooms $8.50

Fries $7.50

Salad $7.00

Free Range Eggs x2 $6.50

Curly Fries with a Cheese Sauce $10.00

Seasonal Vegetables $7.50

Bacon and Cheese Loaded Wedges $23.00

Loaded Fries with Jalapeño, Bacon and Grilled Cheese $22.00

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